Need a better view?

Do you have a Roller Team campervan? Sick of not seeing much out of your rear camera? Our Clark UK camera mount can solve all your issues!

Custom made to fit the existing camera location, these unique mounts are intended to change the standard Roller Team rear view camera size (28D X 34mm depth) from a fixed angle to adjustable. This is a straight forward task and only minimal technical ability needed!

On some earlier models the self-tapper hole centres are slightly in board. In these cases you may need to drill two new holes (about 2mm dia.) to fix this mount. However, we do supply a cutting template to help make this easy.

From use in our own Roller Team camper, we have noticed the viewable area expands to roughly 10m distance, as well as offering more coverage to the side (as seen in the photo below). If you’re looking to change your view even more, we also offer a dual camera mount which only requires purchasing an additional camera (not included).